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Computer will not boot - This could be caused by many things including a bad hard drive, bad power supply, bad motherboard, memory issues, bios settings, corrupted boot files (Boot.ini, NTLDR, and a whole host of of other things. It could be a simple fix like a loose connection or an unplugged power cord. Computer freezes up while using it - Common causes are spyware, viruses, not enough memory, hard drive problems, low disk space, driver problems, operating system issues, and overheating. Computer makes strange noises - A strange noise from a computer can only be coming from something that is physically moving. These are the components that have moving parts in a desktop computer: Hard drive, CPU fan, Graphic card fan, Power supply fan, Case fans, CD-ROM / DVD - RW drive, and Floppy drive. On rare occasions motherboards can have leaking capacitors that make noise. The modem and motherboard each have small speakers that could cause noise. Computer crashes at random - Do you get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), stop error screen, or does it crash to a black screen? You could have a bad hard drive or one that is starting to fail. Other causes are bad drivers, memory problems, registry issues, bad power supply, or other hardware problems.


No Issue Too Big or Too Small

Most computer systems are a jumble of hardware add-ons and software plug-ins. Try to call

a manufacturer, and itís always somebody elseís problem. We have over 25  years experience

diagnosing and fixing glitches large and small.



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